Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

How can I retrieve data from stateful widget (Checkbox, Multiselect, etc)?

If you have a global variable with widget you can use it with dialog_manager:


Other option is to use widget id to get adapter and then call its methods:

widget = dialog_manager.dialog().find('some_widget_id')

What is current_context().widget_data for?

This dictionary contains data stored by widgets themselves. Data structure is a matter of widget implementation so it should not be accessed directly. If you need to retrieve widget state use its methods.

How can I set a default value for a Musltiselect or a Radio

The better way is to state insed on_start callback of dialog.

How can I show Select widget in multiple rows? What about pagination?

Wrap it with some layout widget like Group, Column or ScrollingGroup.

How can I show many buttons loaded from my database and paginate them?

Create Select widget and wrap it with ScrollingGroup. In this case items should be loaded in window getter.

How can I show photo by its file_id?

You need to create custom widget. Use StaticMedia as a sample.

How can I request user location or contact?

You need to send somehow a message with reply keyboard. You can use MessageInput to handle response within a window.

How can I show a list with URL buttons in a way similar to Select widget?

Create a ListGroup and put there a Url widget.

How can I make library not to send new message when user sends a message himself?

It is working this way because otherwise a dialog can be outside of user screen and he will loose it. If you still want to disable this feature you can add a MessageInput and then set dialog_manager.show_mode=ShowMode.EDIT inside handler.

How can I access middleware data inside dialog handlers or widgets?

  • In getter you will get it as kwargs

  • In handlers it is available via

  • During rendering (like in Format) it is passed as a middleware_data

How can I find the current user?

Get it as a dialog_manager.event.from_user.

Caution: in case of background updates (done via BgManager) it can contain only id. If it is not suitable for you case set load=True while creating bg manager.

How can I pass data between dialogs?

Input - pass via dialog_manager.start(..., data="here"), read using dialog_manager.start_data. Output - pass via dialog_manager.done(result="here"), read as a parameter to on_process_result of parent dialog

More details: Starting a dialog, Closing a dialog.