Migration from previous versions

Migration 1.x -> 2.0b10

  • Main objects like Dialog, LaunchMode and DialogManager should be imported directly from aiogram_dialog package.

  • Whenable is moved to widgets.common subpackage

  • When finding widget by id you will get managed version of widget. This objects no more expect DialogManager or ChatEvent arguments in their methods

  • For ListGroup items callbacks you will get SubManager which behavior slightly changed.

  • SubManager moved to aiogram_dialog package

  • ManagedDialog protocol renamed to DialogProtocol

  • Dialog no more contains .next, .back and .switch_to methods. They are available in DialogManager

  • DialogManagerFactory protocol simplified

  • no more ManagedDialogAdapterProto. You will get Dialog instance instead

  • no more data in Context. Renamed to start_data many time ago

  • dialog_data and start_data added to DialogManager, data is renamed to middleware_data

Migration 0.11 -> 1.0

  • reset_stack was replaced with StartMode. E.g. reset_stack=true is now mode=StartMode.RESET_STACK

  • dialog no more changes current aiogram state

  • In manager context and current_intent() were replaced with current_context() call.
    • dialog_data is a dict to hold user data

    • widget_data is a dict to hold data of widgets

    • start_data is a data provided whe dialog start

    • state is current dialog state

  • When subdialog finishes parent is restored with previous state, not which it was started

  • Changed signature of on_process_result callback. It now accepts start data used to start subdialog

  • Group.keep_rows option removed. Set width=None (default value) if you want to keep rows.